About us

Theoriq is a collaborative online library which congregates all Principles around us, with a special focus on the humanities, social sciences and entrepreneurship.

Our mission

Our mission is to collect in one place all theories so that to understand better our world, in an informal and enjoyable fashion intended for the general public – what we call “casual learning”, so that any curious fellow can come to learn and nurture their minds.


Merriam Webster tells us that a theory is a “plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena”; and the Collins dictionary that theory is “consisting in a knowledge of its principles and methods rather than in its practice”. In other words, it is not uncommon to oppose theory to practice as theory.

Theoriq builds a bridge between theory and practice. As such Theoriq is a new player in the digital landscape of knowledge.

Where is the novelty?

We are the first online platform whose mission is to assemble all the theories of this world, common observations about life. We open it to anyone so that to illustrate those theories through their own experience and / or knowledge.

In fact, we bring to the internet age a way of transmitting knowledge as old as our schoolbooks: to describe a theory, which comes most often from a teacher, author or expert; and to demonstrate or invalidate it through an example. In Theoriq case, our users are the ones who bring the example(s), thanks to their own experience and understanding.

Theoriq thus becomes a place that aims to gather all the human experiences and observed facts by linking them to a given theory.

And that's the whole idea. While the majority of facts supporting theories are scattered across hundreds of thousands of resources- often time-stamped as they relate to a particular event, we are grouping these facts in one place, in one page. And we unify those under one theory.

Last, you can support or disapprove a theory by voting for each entry.

How does it work?

1 / Examples

Anyone can add an example to a theory. Upon approval, these are published. Visitors can then vote for the best examples, which will move up in the list.

2 / Theories

Theories are linked to categories, authors and books (optional), in order to optimize indexing, and therefore the discoverability of the content. Unlike the examples, in order to add theories to Theoriq, you must first become an author. Please read below.

Why should I participate in Theoriq?

By sharing your knowledge of Theoriq, you allow other people, wherever they are on the globe, to leverage your experience and your knowledge to refine their understanding of the world.

Secondly, when you participate in Theoriq, you take part in a large-scale project: building a large body of human experiences and observable facts which you descendants may read one day. We are committed to recognizing everyone's contribution, and each contribution is directly related to your user profile.

I am an author, can I create entries?

Sure, please reach out to us by email at laurent@theoriq.com. We are looking for authors with expertise in specific fields. We would be delighted to have you onboard. Make sure you contact us: we have a specific portal for authors which you only selected members can access.

I am graphic artist, and I’d love to see my work on Theoriq

We believe in blending beautiful words and marvelous artwork.

We systematically try to reach out to visual artist to get the agreement to publish their work on Theoriq. Most are happy for us to share their work on our platform.

To this day, a large majority (93%) of the artists we contacted and who responded; agreed for Theoriq to feature their work. Most are happy to see their passionate work - long hours of painting, drawings and creating digitals arts - find a new and additional place to shine on the Internet.

If you want also want to share your creations on Theoriq, please let us know, reach out to laurent@theoriq.com.

Theoriq on the web

You can find us on this website, of course, but also through our apps on : iPhone and Android .

About us

We are a young company founded in 2017, registered in Paris

You can write to us at this address:

Bluesophy SAS
42 Rue Monge,
75005, Paris, France

Or contact us by email at laurent@theoriq.com