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When your time is too limited for reading a whole book and too valuable for reading random content online.

Learning should never stop. We are on a mission to deliver premium content from acclaimed books and studies in a format optimized for learning on the go and our new digital habbits.

Making it possible to learn something truly valuable each minute of your precious time.

Reading then helps you cultivate the knowledge, habits and talents to improve yourself, and may be more importantly, your organisation.

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Business inspiration

Everyday, a new thing to learn, a new perspective. Fresh ideas to fulfill your ambitions.

Trust the experts

Because it matters who you are learning from. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

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Our content comes from close collaboration with specialised publishing houses and the world's most contemplated writers, professors and successful entrepreneurs

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We are building a library of the highest-value written content we can find, now easily discoverable and accessible for you. Every piece is indexed, categorized and organized. You can wander as you wish in those digital aisles and make unexpected discoveries, or may be just stumble upon an article which will help you go back to the basics and get a refresher on a given business principle.
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What about if you could just ask someone about what should you read. Or what about if that someone knows you well enough to nurture you with knowledge pieces valuable for you and your career. Well, we are working on this, and her name is Theoriq.
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Why do we believe in paying for content?

Laurent Martiny
Theoriq Founder

Let’s be honest, every business needs money to survive and keep it’s independence. We believe that earning through ads has proven to be the power behind production of meaningless, mediocre content all around the web and print, favoring clicks and shares instead of actual quality. You feel this everytime you see “1o ways to…”

If we are to stop this, paying real authors for real valuable content, has to become a normal thing… like paying for a coffee. For every penny you pay on our platform, 50% goes to the authors. And best of all, our pricing is cheap enough that you can learn a lot at a price of that coffie… and yeah, there’s a money back guarantee.

They believe in us
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Doing it the fair way
Half of every penny Theoriq earns goes to the copyright holder. We are also working on a scheme to make available this content to those who cant afford it, completely for free. Sounds fair?
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